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The All-of-Government (AoG) contract for Electricity is managed by the Utilities Centre of Expertise (CoE) in the Government Procurement Branch on behalf of government agencies.

Thanks to the AoG Electricity contract, participating agencies are paying on average 6% below standard market rates for their electricity.


This contract covers the Supply of Electricity and runs for an initial term of five years, expiring on 30 June 2016. It includes two rights of renewal of two years each.

A dedicated team in the CoE at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment negotiated and will manage this contract on behalf of the Participating Agencies, Crown, as part of the Government Procurement Reform Programme.

Features and benefits

Agency Participation offers a range of benefits including:

  • Cost avoidance – the potential to receive a reduction in current market pricing from the panel suppliers via a Secondary Procurement Process (SPP).
  • Reporting – improved information on, and reporting of, electricity consumption to assist in the reduction of electricity expenditure.
  • Performance levels – enhanced supplier performance through negotiated and agreed terms within the contracts.
  • Consolidated billing – receiving one consolidated invoice per agency rather than multiples for different sites/buildings.
  • Agreed terms and conditions – contract terms negotiated by the CoE are already in place.
  • Market engagement – delivery of efficient and cost effective market engagement for the purchase of electricity.

Panel of suppliers

The panel of suppliers are:

  • Contact Energy Limited
  • Genesis Power Limited
  • Meridian Energy Limited
  • Mighty River Power Limited (trading as Mercury Energy Limited, and TrustPower Limited).

The Buyer's Guide and signing up

The Buyers' Guide provides agencies with further information on the following:

  • An overview of the contract;
  • Key benefits to agencies; and
  • How agencies will transition to the contract.

Agency participation

The AoG Electricity Procurement Process has resulted in an average savings of 6% for 90 agencies. 

The Utilities CoE is now planning for next the Secondary Procurement Process (SPP). This process is undertaken by the CoE with the panel suppliers to establish pricing for a tranche of electricity supply. We've run more than six tranches for small, medium and large agencies.

Participating agencies can buy from the contracted supplier(s) who is successful in the Secondary Procurement Process (SPP). The successful supplier(s) will be selected according to whether their pricing proposal offers the best value. Multiple SPPs are run every year, indicative timings are illustrated below:

[image] Electricity


Contact us

Please email if you require any further information on the Electricity Supply agreements.

Last updated 29 April 2015