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Energy Management Services

The AoG Energy Management Services (EMS) contract been set up to manage agencies’ energy needs, increase both energy efficiency and sustainability.

It covers the following service areas:

  • energy improvements
  • monitoring and reporting services, and
  • qualitative analysis. 



Government has established the All-of-Government (AoG) contract for Energy Management Services (EMS) on behalf of government agencies. The contract is managed by the Utilities Centre of Expertise (CoE).

The initial contracts run until 1 July 2015 with one right of renewal of two years.


Features and benefits

Expected savings for an agency taking up this contract are between 10-30% of electricity expenditure. EECA may be able to provides funding assistance. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced energy consumption - utilising EMS suppliers should result in a decrease in both consumption and therefore expenditure.
  • Enhanced reporting information - AoG EMS contracts detail reporting that suppliers must provide to Participating Agencies’. Participating Agencies are able to request adhoc reporting specific to their business needs.
  • Staff training and awareness - EMS suppliers can assist with training Participating Agency staff.
  • Administration charge waived - there will be no AoG administration charge payable on the AoG EMS contracts.


Panel of suppliers

The panel of suppliers includes:

  • Honeywell Limited
  • New Zealand Energy SolutioNZ Limited (a consortium of four companies)
  • Schneider Electric (NZ) Limited (a consortium of three companies)
  • Smart Power Australasia Limited


The Buyer’s Guide and signing up

The Buyers' Guide provides agencies with further information on the following:

  • An overview of the contract
  • What EMS is and what it can do for agency
  • Key benefits to agencies
  • How agencies will transition to the contract
  • How to run a mini-Request for Information process

Download the Buyer's Guide:

Along with EECA, MBIE is keen to see a greater uptake of this beneficial contract, please get in touch for further information:


Contact us

Please email if you require any further information about the EMS contract.

Last updated 29 April 2015