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Mobile Voice and Data Services

We’re into the third year of the Mobile Voice and Data All-of-Government (AoG) contract and 200 government agencies are now on board – with more than 80,000 mobile devices realising savings across government.

The AoG contract for Mobile Voice and Data (MVD) services is managed by Government Procurement’s ICT Centre of Expertise (CoE) email:  

Panel of suppliers and scope

The suppliers for the AoG MVD contract are:

  • Spark Digital
  • Two Degrees Mobile Limited
  • Vodafone New Zealand Limited

The MVD agreement was signed in April 2012 as a three year agreement, with two one-year rights of renewal (3+1+1). The first one year renewal term has been exercised with the agreement now extended until 23 April 2016. The agreement offers the following services to agencies:

  • access to supplier’s mobile network
  • mobile voice, text & data services
  • mobile hardware (optional)

Support Services

  • call centre support
  • retail based support
  • online support tools
  • incident management
  • issues management
  • invoicing (e-invoicing and consolidated invoicing can be requested)
  • service audits
  • billing audits (annual)
  • benchmarking

Value add services (optional)

  • connectivity solutions
  • virtual telephony
  • mobile applications
  • messaging solutions
  • mobile device management
  • VIP service

Features and benefits

The MVD contract has delivered an estimated $9 million in savings to participating agencies since it was established in 2011.

The benefits to purchasing under the AoG MVD panel contract include:

  • price transparency and certainty
  • improvements to pricing and pricing constructs during the contract term
  • the option to optimise mobile and data services without incurring charges
  • availability of the CoE to work with you to reach an optimal solution
  • high quality domestic and international support services
  • value add reporting
  • account management services focused on value for money
  • focus on continuous improvement (through benchmarking, billing and service audits)
  • timely, accurate and complete invoicing.

What stays the same?

On a day-to-day basis it is business-as-usual. You’ll still:

  • have complete freedom to choose the panel supplier(s) of your choice;
  • deal directly with your supplier(s) to manage your MVD requirements; and
  • have an extensive range of devices, services and plan types to choose from.

What’s different and better?

  • you do not need to run your own procurement process or contract
  • save money through competitive rates
  • greater choice and flexibility to use the agreements to suit your needs
  • our chosen suppliers exceed the minimum requirements of capability and capacity to deliver services nationwide
  • access to consolidated reporting on your agency’s spend on Mobile Voice and Data Services
  • including an undertaking to ensure you remain on the most appropriate plan type over the term of the agreement
  • access to a number of optional Value Add Services.


Signing up to the MVD agreement

Eligible agencies can access the AoG MVD contract by signing a Letter of Accession to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the ICT CoE.

Along with the MOU, each agency will receive a pricing guide that provides more detail on the contracts and the specific offerings of the three suppliers. If you would like to discuss your requirements please email

The buyer's guide [1.1 MB PDF] provides eligible agencies with an overview of:

  • key benefits of buying off this contract
  • how agencies will transition to the contract
  • what you can buy off the contract, and how
  • roles and responsibilities: buyers, suppliers and the Centres of Expertise

Contact us

For more information please contact the ICT CoE:

Last updated 29 April 2015