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The All-of-Government (AoG) Travel contracts are Air Travel and Travel Management Services.

The AoG Travel contracts provide your agency with transparent pricing, maximum savings, while retaining the flexibility to meet your agency’s requirements.

The AoG Travel contracts are managed by the Government Procurement's Travel Centre of Expertise (CoE).

Air Travel

The initial contract runs until 1 December 2016 with two rights of renewal of 12 months’ each.

Five airlines make up the AoG Air Travel panel, providing coverage across three service areas: Domestic, Trans-Tasman/Pacific Islands and International.

The panel of suppliers is:

  • Air New Zealand Limited
  • Emirates Airline
  • Lufthansa German Airlines
  • Qantas Airways Limited
  • Singapore Airlines Limited

Participating agencies are able to access significant discounts at the point of sale with all five suppliers.

Discounts are between 3% and 8% domestically, and up to 25% internationally, providing average savings of 6%. Agencies with a significant proportion of international travel are likely to save even more.

Agencies can access the discounts through a TMS Supplier or directly e.g. the Air New Zealand Direct Connect Portal (DCP). Agencies can employ one or the other or both to best meet their needs.

As of 30 September 2013, 61% of eligible agencies are participating in the contract, which has realised savings in excess of $10m.

Air Travel Buyer's Guide

Note that this buyer’s guide still contains out of date Travel Management Services contract information, this guide is currently under review and will be updated shortly.

For the up to date Travel Management Services buyer’s guide please see the Travel Management Services section below.

Travel Management Services

The initial term of the contract runs until 24 June 2015. The first of two rights of renewal of 24 months each, has been exercised. This means the contract with each supplier now runs until 24 June 2017.

We have been working with the suppliers on a number of enhancements to take effect at the start of the extended term.

Five suppliers make up the AoG TMS panel providing a comprehensive range of services, competitive pricing and choice in supply.

The panel offers a suite of travel management services including, but not limited to; online booking tools, expert travel consultants, account management, reporting, risk management, travel policy and spend controls, and consolidated invoicing.

The contract offers agencies a choice through a panel of five nationwide travel management suppliers. The services are designed to meet agencies’ business travel requirements. The pricing model and structure are designed to complement the other AoG travel contracts, be transparent, and flexible enough to enable agencies to achieve best value.

Of the agencies participating in the Air Travel contract, 60% are optimising the AoG travel value proposition through participating in the TMS contract as well, while 33% of agencies are booking direct with airline(s).

Travel Management Service Buyer's Guide


Travel Accommodation

The Travel CoE is not developing an AoG solution for accommodation at the present time. Thorough review of accommodation purchasing across government showed that - while a number of potential savings opportunities exist these are not necessarily best realised through an AoG solution. Current purchasing practices across government are proving both cost-effective and efficient. At this stage, best value for agencies is achieved through a syndicated or cluster purchasing model.

A more detailed overview of our work to date in this area, our conclusions and how we can support agencies with their accommodation requirements is set out in the update below:

For more information on accommodation please contact us at:


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Last updated 9 June 2015