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Stage 1 – Initiate project

This phase in the procurement lifecycle is about initiating and planning the project so as to ensure the right people do the right things at the right time and the procurement activity achieves the best possible outcomes. Key activities focus on establishing your project team, initiating engagement with stakeholders through to establishing project probity, governance and management frameworks.

Below are some specific guides, tools, templates and training relevant to this stage in the procurement lifecycle. These resources are not intended to be an exhaustive list. We recommend you read the Guide to Mastering Procurement [1 MB PDF], which covers this stage in detail, within the context of the end-to-end lifecycle.

[icon] Document. Policy and guidance  [icon] Change settings. Tools and templates


[icon] Document. Policy & guidance




OAG: Procurement Guidance for Public Entities

OAG: Public sector purchases, grants & gifts: Managing funding arrangements

SSC: Understanding the Drivers: Value for tax dollar spend Factsheet 

SSC: Gateway Review Process (for high risk capital projects)

Treasury: Better Business Cases for Capital Proposals


Procurement options

Emergency procurement


Syndicated procurement


Panel contracts


All-of-Government Contract options


Category specific requirements

NZTA: Land Transport Management – Procurement Manual

Principles for the Property Services Industry 

Construction Tendering Process: Health & Safety Guide

SSC: Guidance for Monitoring Projects and Programmes 

Guidelines for Intellectual Property from public research [34 KB PDF]

The Treasury: Guidance for Public Private Partnerships in New Zealand

Cabinet: Capital Asset Management – Expectations

OAG: Achieving Public Sector Outcomes with Private Sector Partners

NZCIC: Principles of Best Practice: Construction Procurement in New Zealand



Sustainable procurement

NZ Timber & Wood Products Procurement Policy (Ministry of Primary Industries)

APCC: Australia and New Zealand Government Framework for Sustainable Procurement


7 Guides to Sustainable Procurement


Contracting with Non-Governmental Organisations

The Treasury: Guidance for Contracting with NGOs

OAG: Principles to underpin management by Public entities of funding to NGOs

OAG: Managing Funding to NGOs

Office of Community & Voluntary Sector: Code of Funding Practice


Related guidance, standards and ethics

Standards and ethics

OAG: Managing Conflicts of Interest

SSC: Guidance on gifts, benefits & gratuities

SSC: Standards of Integrity & Conduct


Use of public funds

The Treasury: Guide to the Public Finance Act

OAG: Controlling sensitive expenditure


Related guidance

SSC: Factors for successful coordination (help State Agencies coordinate effectively) 

SSC: Principles for interaction with social media

SSC: Planning and managing for results

SSC: Performance measurement – advice and examples on how to develop effective frameworks 


[icon] Change settings. Tools & templates

Annual Procurement Plan


Conflict of interest




Last updated 8 January 2014