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Procurement planning

Good procurement planning and informed decision making are essential to delivering successful results. Planning helps you successfully achieve your objectives and deliver best value-for-money over the whole-of-life of the goods or services.

Effective procurement planning:

  • establishes evidence-based, transparent decision making
  • provides a structured approach that allows key stakeholders to engage at the appropriate stages and influence the outcome
  • ensures sufficient research and analysis of the market
  • ensures sufficient engagement with suppliers to inform your options
  • makes government an informed, intelligent customer.

The Guide to informed decision making is a key guide to procurement planning.
It sets out the benefits of sufficient planning and introduces a set of templates ranging from business cases, and procurement plans through to negotiation and contract management.

Browse through the different sections below to find key planning and decision making documents.


This section covers annual procurement plans (APPs) and extended procurement forecasts (EPFs) with links to relevant guides and templates

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Business Case

This section has information on developing business cases and review of significant business case with links to relevant guides and templates

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Approach to market

This section has information on developing procurement plans and advertising on GETS with links to relevant guides and templates

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Awarding and managing the contract

This section houses templates to the evaluation panel recommendation, negotiation plan and contract and relationship management plan

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Last updated 23 July 2014