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Annual procurement plans explained

Potential government opportunities are contained in agencies’ Annual Procurement Plans (APP). An APP is an annual forecast of expected procurements. The purpose of publishing APPs is to increase suppliers’ advance notice of possible contracts .

All forecast procurements are subject to revision or cancellation. The information contained in an APP is for planning purposes only. It does not represent a pre-solicitation or an invitation for bids. It is not a commitment by the Government to purchase the described goods and services.

Public Service agencies, New Zealand Police and New Zealand Defence Force are required to submit APPs on 1 March and 1 October each year. Other State Sector agencies are encouraged to do so. APPs are updated at least every six months. This provides a rolling list of forecast procurements.

Please refer the State Services Commission's website for a list of Public Service and other State Sector agencies.

For more information: Quick-Guide: Annual Procurement Plans [100KB PDF]

Last updated 13 March 2014