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Hiring the right employee type
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Hire with confidence!

Hiring the right employee type

Deciding you’re going to get help is one thing, but getting the best type for you is another. That’s why, before you rush out to hire someone, you first need to consider things like:

  • how much work actually needs doing
  • when work needs to be done by
  • the difference between an employee and a contractor
  • what level of responsibility you’re willing to take on
  • what the rules are around different employee types.

Use the following infographic to:

  • gain an overview of the different types of help available
  • decide what kind of help might suit you best.

You can also use it to swot up for the quiz on this page. Once that’s done use the Employee Cost Calculator to get an estimate of what hiring that employee might cost.

Infographic link - Employee types [2 MB PDF].

Download the guide to employee types [2.2 MB PDF]


Get full details on all the steps involved in hiring an employee on the pages below.


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Last updated 29 April 2016