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Health and Safety Representatives in the Workplace – Stage 2 Course Number: 421

Contact: Stuart McLean 021 0263 8592

This two day course aims to support approved Health and Safety Representatives by providing them with skills and knowledge required for the successful management of health and safety through good faith co-operation with employers, fellow employees and their representatives.

Participants will have the following Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the totality of Health and Safety systems and how these integrate with workplace management systems
  • Build on the skills and knowledge acquired during stage 1 to enable trainees to effectively perform their responsibilities under the H & S Act
  • Ensure Health and Safety representatives are fully conversant with their duties in relation to injury management, communication, accident investigation, hazard identification and in general promoting workers interests in H & S in the workplace
  • Understand why workplace accidents/injuries need to be reported, recorded and investigated
  • Understand Injury causation models
  • Be able to effectively undertake an investigation.

First approved: 21/06/2006
Subsequent approval: 28/02/2009
Subsequent approval: 02/03/2013

Health and Safety Representative Training. An Introduction to Health and Safety – Stage 1 Course Number: 617

Contact: Stuart McLean 021 0263 8592

This two-day course is designed for newly elected and experienced health and safety representatives, managers and supervisors. The course aims to support the attendees by building the skills and knowledge needed to carry out their duties in the workplace.

During the course, participants will cover:

  • Health and Safety legislation
  • How to ensure safe workplaces through an effective health and safety management system
  • The role of a health and Safety Representative
  • How to respond to reports of unsafe working conditions
  • The concept of “good faith.”

First approved: 17/09/2012

Last updated 11 February 2015