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The courses listed below are being held at 15 locations throughout the country. Interested parties - employers and unions - should contact the following regional organisations for more detail. Each course is available to any employer, and any employee by nomination and/or agreement.

Contact Details

EMA (Northern) 0800 800 362

Business (Central) 04 473 7224

Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce
03 366 5096 E-mail:

Otago Southland Employers' Association Inc
0508 656 757 E-mail:

Training for Health and Safety Representatives


This two-day course has been developed for actual and aspirant health and safety representatives, and provides recently elected or appointed individuals with "start-up" knowledge and skills.

The overall purpose of the training is to provide initial support for representatives in a new and unfamiliar workplace role. The programme also supports longer term training needs through the preparation by participants of an on-going development plan for future learning based on the needs of the position and their current skills sets.

All participants receive training focused on the specific information, knowledge and skills needed by the Health and Safety representatives in their day-to-day activities, including:

  • Promoting successful management of health and safety issues, through the systems and practices adopted in their workplace
  • Fostering good faith co-operation between their constituents
  • Facilitating constructive input from those doing the work, through employee participation processes
  • Meeting the objectives of relevant employment statutes especially:
    • Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, as amended
    • Employment Relations Act 2000
    • IPRC Act 2001
    • Other relevant legislation affecting health and safety.
    • Opportunities for assessment of skills

First approved: 23/10/2003
Subsequent approval: 11/07/2011

Training for Health and Safety Representatives Stage 2


The two day course is intended primarily for existing H&S representatives, (but is also open to frontline managers, supervisors and team leaders) with basic knowledge of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and related legislation as it applies to their workplace. The course delivers training relating to three NZQA unit standards, but with a focus on practical day-today issues. Each course consists of two core modules on day one, followed by a choice for participants on day two of modules focussing on workplace or manufacturing hazards.

First approved: 05/08/2005
Subsequent approval:18/05/2011

Advanced Training for Health and Safety representatives Stage 3


This two day course has been developed by the NZCTU, Business NZ and ACC. The course is for experienced Health and Safety Representatives.

The aim of this course is to assist health and safety representatives to work effectively in their role.

In particular the course aims to assist the representative to:

  • foster positive health and safety management practices in the place of work
  • identify and bring to the employer's attention hazards in the place of work and discuss with the employer ways that the hazards may be dealt with.
  • communicate effectively with employers
  • represent the views of employees.

The course also aims to assist the representative to fulfil their role in promoting the interests of employees who have been harmed at work, including arrangements for employees' rehabilitation and return to work.

First approved:18/01/2007
Subsequent approval: 16/02/2012

Last updated 2 June 2015