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Safe Zone Training Systems

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Health and Safety Rep Training Stage 1. Course number 529

Contact: Email Ross Castle, National Coordinator or phone on 06 326 9920 or 027 477 2548.

For further information about the course go to:

The aim of this course includes the following:

  1. Empower trainees with confidence and provide tools for the safety representatives to be effective in liaisons between staff and management, and
  2. Improve trainees understanding of the Health and Safety Employment Act 1992 and amendments and implications in their workplace.

By the conclusion of the two-day course the trainee should be able to confidently return to the workplace to carry out activities that represent the safety concerns of fellow workers in discussions with management, and work in good faith for successful solutions for the benefit of all. They should be able to effectively identify and manage hazards in the workplace and participate with safety manager/committee in developing strategies to reduce risk of harm to all staff in their workplace.

First approved: 18/05/2011

Last updated 28 June 2013