Introducing the New Zealand Business Performance Panel

Bevan Hall: We're excited to introduce New Zealand Business Performance Panel, a group of global experts bringing together the best ideas, to help Kiwi businesses improve their performance. We know business owners are super busy, which makes it hard to find time to improve systems and processes that in the long term will save time and money, and make the business more sustainable. We're here to give people the right tools to enable greater productivity, so they can spend time doing things that they're really passionate about.

Paul Conway: I'm excited to be part of the New Zealand Business Performance Panel, because I really see the possibilities for New Zealand firms that new technology is making available to us, and it's exciting to be part of the process of helping those firms to really benefit to the maximum from those new technologies.

Donna Purdue: My role is to help the organisation understand some of the big macroeconomic trends that are impacting on the work that we do, but also to help shape our direction in terms of our overall vision, which is to grow New Zealand for all.

Dr Julia Richardson: I'm delighted to be part of the team helping New Zealand businesses, and business owners to maximise their potential through effective people management.

Dr Anindya Sen: My role has been to help develop the finance material, which allows people to forecast cash flows for their business, basically to project what will happen in the business in the future, and use that to make decisions about the viability of the business, which project is more profitable than another one and so on and so forth.

Dan Hellyer: I work with small and medium businesses every day, understanding you know what makes them tick and some of the issues that they face, and that's why I've been brought onto the New Zealand Performance Panel.

Bevan Hall: There's so much to be gained from working with the New Zealand Business Performance Panel. We hope people will join us in making New Zealand businesses the best run and most productive in the world.


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