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Registering to use the website

You need to be a registered user to access most of the online services on this website.  There are no joining or maintenance fees and you will only be charged for the services you use. 


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If you already have an RealMe logon you won't need to create a new one, simply Log on and enter your username and password.

There are two steps to registering as a user of the Companies Office website. 

Step one - RealMe logon

If you already have a RealMe logon you won't need to create a new one, simply 'Log on' and enter your user name and password. If you need a RealMe logon you can 'Register' to create one from our website. Prior to 1 July 2013 RealMe was called igovt.

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Step two - Companies Office account

You now need to set up a new Companies Office account or reactivate your previous account. You will then need to complete a few more details to finish setting up your new Companies Office account (Logon).

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