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GST registration

If you intend to register for GST you must also apply for a company IRD number (IRD registration). 

In addition to the information you provide for applying for a company IRD number you must also answer a short series of questions:

  • Will some of your business be exempt from chargeing GST (i.e. exempt supplies)?
  • Will you be importing goods into New Zealand?
  • Will you be exporting goods to other countries?
  • Will your turnover exceed NZ$60,000 over the next 12 months?  Note | You can register for GST if the turnover is more or less than NZ$60,000 - in this situation your registration is then classified as a Voluntary Registration.
  • Which GST accounting basis do you wish to use? Choose from Payments (cash), Invoice (accruals) or Hybrid basis. 
    Note | The accounting method will default to Payments because it is the most common method among small business.
  • How often do you want to file GST returns? Choose from Monthly, 2 Monthly or 6 MonthlyNote | The frequency of filing returns will default to 2 Monthly.
  • On what date do you want your GST registration to begin? On incorporation or on another date.
  • How would you like to receive your GST refunds?  Provide your bank account details or elect to receive a cheque made out to the name of the company.


You must also provide details of a GST contact person (this can be the same person named in the IRD registration section).


IRD Feedback

You are also asked to complete a few questions aimed at helping us to identify resources that can be used to help you understand your tax and GST obligations.


Need to know more about GST?

For more information registering for GST visit the Inland Revenue website


Last updated 25 November 2011

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