From 6am on Sunday 28 February Auckland is at Alert Level 3 and the rest of New Zealand at Alert Level 2. Restrictions are in place for businesses to keep workers and customers safe.

For more information on safely operating visit COVID-19: Operating at COVID-19 Alert Levels 2 and 3.

Travel documents that were issued when Auckland was at Alert Level 3 earlier in February are still valid. To replace documents, update workers, or make a new request please log into the business travel register.

COVID-19: Wage subsidy eligibility tool

Both the Wage Subsidy Extension and the Resurgence Wage Subsidy Scheme have closed. If you applied for either of these schemes you can use our simplified spreadsheet to document your revenue loss.

The Resurgence Wage Subsidy and the Wage Subsidy Extension applications have closed. These subsidies helped to support businesses that have suffered a loss of revenue due to COVID-19. If you have any questions on the wage subsidies or your payments you can find out more information on Work and Income.

Support for Employers(external link) — Work and Income

We developed an eligibility tool to help if you were unsure of which subsidy to apply for. This tool is no longer available. You may want to use our simplified spreadsheets to document your revenue if you have applied for the Wage Subsidy Extension or Resurgence Wage Subsidy.

Revenue calculator  Wage Subsidy Extension

Resurgence calculator  Resurgence Wage Subsidy

Note: If you receive any wage subsidy it’s important that you submit to Inland Revenue: 

  • Employer Information forms declaring the total wage payments (the subsidy plus employer-funded pay) and
  • Relevant PAYE and other deductions.

Wage subsidies(external link) — Inland Revenue

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