Auckland: Alert Level 3.

Upper Hauraki: Moves to Alert Level 2 at 11.59pm on Saturday 25 September.

Rest of New Zealand: Alert Level 2.

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New Zealand Business Number

The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a unique identifier, which any business in New Zealand can have. Over time, the NZBN will become the main identifier for all businesses.

Just like every car has a number plate, now every New Zealand business has an official way to identify itself.

Introducing the New Zealand Business Number – a unique number that sets your business apart from the rest, both here and overseas.

Over time the New Zealand Business Number will become the main identifier of your business. Using it will speed up your interactions with government, your suppliers, customers and other businesses.

Basic facts about your business are held in the NZBN register. And in time these can be shared across government agencies and the businesses you work with. This means when you update your details in the register they’ll automatically update across your business network.

Plus, the New Zealand Business Number will create a truckload of new services and business opportunities. And these will grow with time. Using the NZBN to identify your business and share your basic information is an easy way to start.

We’re working with government agencies and large New Zealand businesses to grow the NZBN network. So activate your NZBN now and together we can make doing business in New Zealand easier.

Visit nzbn.govt.nz(external link) to find out more today.

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