Video with transcript: Ministry for Primary Industries

Learn about the Ministry of Primary industries, and how they can provide support with your exporting journey.

Your journey to exporting with the Ministry for Primary Industries

[Audio: Music starts and plays throughout video.]

[Visual: The words presents are displayed against a blue background. Music continues.]

[Audio/visual: The screen then switches to displaying the title: Your journey to exporting with Ministry for primary industries, Manatu ahu Matua (logo) against a backdrop of a graphic depicting multi-coloured shipping containers. Music continues.]

[Audio/visual: Presenter begins to speak with music in the background. Background containers disappear and only the Ministry for primary industries logo remains.]

Presenter: The Ministry for Primary Industries or MPI helps exporters by strengthening the reputation of New Zealand's Primary Industries overseas.

[Audio/visual: as the presenter is speaking, the visual changes to an animated man standing in an orchard, with his tablet open and the MPI website open too]

Presenter: They support exporters in the food and fiber sector by helping you ensure your product meets both domestic and destination market requirements

[Visual: The focus is then zoomed into the tablet, still displaying the MPI homepage along with an animation of someone picking an apple from the tree]

[Visual: the tablet screen then changes to show a checklist on the right, and a container in the centre with the label “apples” on it]

Presenter: And by providing various certifications so you can export with confidence

[Visual: screen then transitions to a new window on the tablet, where the user begins to scroll through a check list. These include, “advisory services, exporter events, resources]

Presenter: Take advantage of their advisory services, exporter events, online workshops and resources to help you understand and plan for the export process.

[Visual: Container doors then begin to close on the screen, until they’re fully closed. The screen then fades to a blue background, with both the MPI and logos are centred]

Presenter: For more information on how MPI can help visit their website MPI dot govt dot NZ]

[Visual: URL appears below the MPI logo, it says “MPI dot govt dot nz”]

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