Video with transcript: New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

Learn about New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, and how they can provide support with your exporting journey.

Your journey to exporting with the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

[Audio: Music starts and plays throughout video.]

[Visual/Audio: The words presents are displayed against a blue background. Music continues.]

[Visual/audio: The screen then switches to displaying the title: Your journey to exporting with New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, Te Taurapa Tuhono, (logo) against a backdrop of a graphic depicting multi-coloured shipping containers. Music continues.]

Presenter begins to speak with music in the background.

[Visual/audio: Background containers disappear and only the NZTE logo remains.]

Presenter: New Zealand Trade and Enterprise or NZTE offers advice, tools and resources to help your business succeed overseas.

[Visual/audio: as the presenter is speaking, the visual changes to a group of co-workers around a work table with a sewing machine, another person is sitting on an ipad with “mynzte” on screen]

Presenter: NZTE free services include, tools to help you find the best market overseas for your product, advice and resources to plan marketing and sales activity. Online training to help you prepare to export or raise capital, invitations to local and international events, and real people to chat about your exporting challenges, rules and regulations.

[Visual/audio: Container door then starts to close with the NZTE logo in the middle. The door closes then a blank blue background]

Presenter: For more information visit their website my dot govt dot NZ

[Visual: logo and NZTE logo appear in white alongside eachother]

[Visual: These logo’s disappear then are replaced by the MBIE branding with the New Zealand government coat of arms]

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