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Free government support and services

Government agencies provide a wide range of free online tools, resources and workshops to support you and your small business. Use these services along with's suite of tools and resources to help you and your business flourish.

Free statistics and data

Data for business

Stats NZ provides free data that can help you make business decisions.

Their easy-to-use tools can help you find data about:

  • your industry and competitive landscape
  • your customers
  • overseas trade

If you can’t find the data you’re looking for or have questions, get in touch with their Information service centre (external link) .

Data for business (external link) — Stats NZ

Tools to compare businesses

Stats NZ has a tool to help you assess your performance by comparing your business with similar businesses.

Business Performance Benchmarker (external link) — Stats

Industry benchmarking (external link) — Inland Revenue

Benchmarking measures how you perform against your competitors.

Benchmarking measures how you perform against your competitors.

It helps you identify your key strengths and weaknesses so you can develop strategies to improve.

Tool to sort out your tax

Inland Revenue's tasks for business (external link)  provides you with information to get your tax obligations sorted as quickly and simply as possible.

Workshops on tax basics

Inland Revenue runs a series of free seminars and workshops across the country and throughout the year. These cover different tax-related topics to get those new to business up to speed, eg registering for GST, business structures, claiming expenses and employing staff.

Register for a seminar or workshops in your area (external link)  — Inland Revenue

Free marketing resources

New Zealand Story offers a free toolkit to help New Zealand businesses communicate their unique value to the world. Sign up for free to get access to photos, infographics, videos and other professional resources you can use to boost your business offshore. You can also download research into what works best in different countries and regions.

New Zealand Story (external link)

Case study

Tea to the world

Sen Kong, marketing manager for Waikato-based tea company Zealong, says New Zealand Story resources have helped his business explain why coming from New Zealand is a unique selling point.

“Our country of origin is what sets us apart offshore. The environment that we have is remarkable. We’ve got fertile soils, clean air, fresh waters and all of that is reflected in the plants we grow,” he says.

“It’s important our customers understand Zealong is a quality product because of the environment we grow our tea in and the ways we expertly process it.”

As an export-focused business, Kong has used New Zealand Story resources to communicate how Zealong’s brand fits into the strong New Zealand brand — which is increasingly recognised around the world.

“Creating a premium brand is about more than just quality. It’s about the story you tell. We talk to customers about our heritage, the pristine environment in which we grow our tea, our integrity and the expertise behind our processing. By telling this well-rounded story we prove our product is premium.”

This calendar will help you find a range of opportunities, training, general compliance dates, and related tasks from across Government quickly and easily. Over time, you will also find events from the private sector where they are related to what you do with Government.

Pulling everything in to one handy place will make it easier for you to identify and participate in events and opportunities that will support your business growth and help you to understand and meet your obligations.

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