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Organic store chooses safer fridges when shifting locations.

Picking the right time to upgrade

Commonsense sells certified organic products and environmentally friendly goods. They have five stores in Wellington and Auckland, and they’re serious about looking after the planet.

Refrigeration is a major expense. So updating old fridge units was top priority when one of the stores changed location.

Commonsense chose the latest technology. Their seven new units use refrigerants with 4,000 times less impact on the climate. The fridges are also more energy efficient, so cost less to run.

The new technology was more expensive, but it made sense to upgrade as part of the move. Replacing the older units later would have cost more — both economically and environmentally. Next, Commonsense plans to upgrade the rest of their fridges.

Marion Wood, Co-founder and Executive Director

Marion Wood, Co-founder and Executive Director

“Doing the right thing for our planet never seems to come cheap — it’s a long term investment,” says Marion Wood, Co-founder and Executive Director. “We’re proud that our governance team never doubted this was the right way to go. We look forward to this technology becoming mainstream in the very near future.”