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Packaging company replaces cars with e-scooters and reaps the benefits.

Ditching the car boosts wellbeing

Ecoware makes packaging from plants — such as bamboo and sugarcane. They’re New Zealand's first packaging company with Toitū carbonzero certification. 

Ecoware’s travel choices are as sustainable as their products. They encourage staff to ditch the car whenever possible. Over a year, they’ve reduced enough trips to sell two cars from their fleet. In their place, they’re buying customised e-scooters for getting to client meetings.

Less car use has lowered emissions, plus it’s boosted company culture. Staff get fresh air and exercise between appointments, which is great for wellbeing.

Customers also love what they’re doing. Ecoware walks the talk, and that attitude rubs off. Staff have noticed more customers keen to manage their own environmental impact.

James Calver, Ecoware co-founder

James Calver, Ecoware co-founder

“Sustainable modes of transport are good for the planet and good for wellbeing,” says Ecoware co-founder James Calver. “Our business has almost doubled each year, but our emissions aren’t keeping pace. Any decision we make business-wise has curbing emissions at the forefront.“