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Solid home and beauty products help save 10 million plastic bottles from landfill in 8 years.

Redesigning the future of cosmetics

Ethique sells solid hair, face, body, home and pet-care products. They’re all 100% free from cruelty, palm oil, plastic, and fossil fuels.

When Brianne West founded Ethique, she didn’t just create a new brand — she completely transformed home and beauty products. Ethique’s shampoos, moisturisers, and deodorants are solid, not liquid. This avoids wasting water and using plastic packaging. Bathroom spray and dishwashing liquid come as concentrates. Each product arrives in certified home-compostable cardboard — not a plastic bottle in sight!

Ethique challenges norms to tackle waste. For example, producing a standard-sized plastic shampoo bottle uses 700ml of water. And the shampoo itself can be up to 95% water. Transporting such heavy products can have a big carbon footprint, but Ethique’s clever range drastically minimises this.

Over almost a decade, Ethique products have saved over 10 million plastic bottles from landfill. The company aims to save half a billion by 2030.

Brianne West, Founder and CEO

Brianne West, Founder and CEO

“It may not be possible for all organisations to entirely redesign their business,” says Brianne West, Founder and CEO. “But sometimes all it takes is a little bit of thinking outside the bottle.”