Garden Cake Kitchen

Sourcing local ingredients helps baker reduce emissions, costs and waste.

Eat cake, sustainably!

Rose Lawrence, Owner, wearing an apron and holding a flower next to a cake

Rose Lawrence, Owner

Garden Cake Kitchen is a micro bakery run out of Rose Lawrence’s home kitchen in Taranaki. Rose offers delicious natural cakes and tarts, enhanced with fresh or dried flowers, foliage and berries.

Rose recognised that the flower industry can be unsustainable, with flowers being a seasonal product and often imported. Wanting to provide people within the area with more sustainable options, she developed relationships with local flower farms. Rose now tops her beautiful creations with locally sourced flowers, often reflecting the seasons and what is on offer. 

Supporting local has helped to significantly cut her transport emissions and costs, and has also identified an opportunity to reduce waste. Flowers with shorter stems often end up being bi-products from flower farms. Although undesirable for florists, they are the perfect cake-topping. A win-win!

Rose Lawrence, Owner

Rose Lawrence, Owner

“There are so many benefits to going local,” says Rose Lawrence, Owner. “Aside from the obvious emissions reduction and cost savings, there is increased transparency and the feel-good factor from supporting small businesses around you.”