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Team bonds and online tools improve work-life balance and reduce corporate stress.

Focus on culture and tech for a happy team

GoodSense provides ethical marketing. It serves sustainable businesses, government organisations, social enterprises and not for profits in Aotearoa and overseas.

The team at GoodSense help to promote products and services that make things better for people or nature. Likewise, they make life better for their own people, with flexible working to avoid corporate stress. 

GoodSense has never had a central office. Instead, its team members work from home. They use a cloud-based phone system, video conferencing, and a secure intranet. They meet clients, run workshops, co-design strategies and share documents remotely, while being free for school pick-ups. And they can still work with clients kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face) when needed.

Founder Kath Dewar built GoodSense this way. She wanted a better work-life balance, and the expert team she assembled did too. Some wanted to be there for their kids, and some were keen to develop parallel careers.

Though they’re working remotely, the nationwide team meets regularly, either in-person or online. They share what they know and learn from each other, and an annual social event lets the directors say thank you. This strong focus on team culture and emotional intelligence is essential to working from home. Maybe even more so than the tech.

Kath Dewar, Founder

Kath Dewar, Founder

“We make the most of 21st century technology to deliver the best client service we can,” says Kath. “And we use the same tools to strengthen the bonds and goodwill that underpin flexible working.”