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Urban designers adopt car share to help reduce vehicles in the city centre.

Creating spaces for people

Isthmus designs places. Through buildings, landscapes, and urban spaces, they bring together land, people and culture. Naturally, they care about protecting the environments they work with. Sustainability is part of their company culture.

Isthmus has been using car share for over a decade. A Cityhop car sits right outside their Auckland Studio, making it easy for staff to access. They use it for meetings, site visits, errands and emergencies.

Car share has a range of benefits for Isthmus. It helps reduce their carbon footprint. And it helps staff save on costs, as they can leave cars at home. This then reduces competition for limited city parking spaces. Isthmus founder Gavin Lister even gave up his own car park to make way for the Cityhop car.

Penny McIntyre, Chief Operating Officer

Penny McIntyre, Chief Operating Officer

“Using car share reduces vehicles in the city and creates more space for people,” says Penny McIntyre, Isthmus’ Chief Operating Officer. “Our staff are always keen to make the best choices for the planet and their wellbeing!”