Lightbulb moment cuts freight costs and emissions

Lightbulb moment cuts freight costs and emissions

Transitioning to a kit set design increased production, reduced freight costs boosted turnover for lighting company.

David Trubridge is a pioneer in environmentally conscious design. His designer lighting company in Hawke’s Bay exports to more than 50 countries.

Originally lights were transported fully assembled. However, a Life Cycle Assessment of one light in the product range revealed freight was key area for emissions. In response, the business changed its designs to be transported in kit set form.

This had several positive outcomes. A kit set design takes up about 1/30th of the volume compared to an assembled version. This has a big impact on reducing freight emissions. It also makes freight much cheaper. An assembled light used to cost hundreds of dollars to ship overseas. Now it can be sent for less than $50. That saving has been passed on to customers.

The change to producing lights as a kit set rather than fully assembled was good for business. It was less labour-intensive which made it easy to increase production. And the cost of the products was reduced thanks to the savings on freight. As a result, turnover quadrupled in just 3 years.

Since then, the business has registered an Environmental Product Declaration (EDP) covering 56 lighting products in 6 finishes. It became a registered B-Corp in August 2023.