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Marx Design

Marx Design

Moving to a more energy-efficient workplace reduces power use by 40%.

Smart building design saves energy

Marx Design creates brands, packaging and communication for companies across New Zealand and Australia. They aim to avoid waste in everything they design. And they help their customers make choices that put the environment first.

For 8 years, the agency leased big, stylish warehouse spaces. The result was extremely hot summers and freezing winters — plus huge power bills. They wanted more control over their energy use, so they bought a building.

The move was well worth it. The new building is cleverly designed, so they have better workspaces as well as quiet places for meetings and focus. They also have LED lighting and a place for staff to park bikes. They’re near good public transport too.

It’s easy to keep the temperature comfortable, thanks to insulation and heat pumps. In summer, they open the windows and let the breeze cool them down. In winter, the sun warms them up. They don’t even need to use the heating much.

Prudence Marx, Director

Prudence Marx, Director

“By choosing the right building, we’ve reduced our power use by 40% even as we grow,” says Prudence Marx, Director. “Does the team like it? Yes, designers like nice things. The building is beautifully designed — the perfect space for creative thinking.”