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Raglan Food Co Limited

Raglan Food Co Limited

A few simple steps keep three aging chillers working efficiently.

Cool, calm and collected

Raglan Food Co. makes a range of delicious dairy alternatives. They employ 30 staff and supply supermarkets all around the country.

They used to have three aging chillers. One of these didn’t hold the cold very well, and one had a faulty door. But with a few simple steps, the team kept them ticking.

They kept the sun away from the chillers, so the equipment didn’t need to work harder. They did twice-daily temperature checking, and took action for anything over 4 degrees. They kept the chillers full when on, and they turned them off when empty. And they reduced stock to a minimum over Christmas breaks, so they only had to run one chiller.

In 2020, the business moved into a new, custom-built factory. At last they could upgrade to a big new chiller. It cools more efficiently, and it fits a double stack of pallets. This makes packing and dispatching orders much easier.

Tesh Randall (aka Mrs Coconut)

Tesh Randall (aka Mrs Coconut)

“By being smart and operating our old chillers as efficiently as possible, we extended their life on a fairly tight budget,” says Tesh Randall (aka Mrs Coconut). “That really helped us until we could upgrade. Now we’re operating much more efficiently. Plus, we can store more yoghurt. It’s a win win!”