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Solar company consults staff to get a buzz going and find the best solutions.

Team approach gets results

SolarZero supplies solar as a service. Customers pay for solar electricity, but not for solar panels, batteries, or installation.

With climate action at the heart of the business, they want a work environment to match. This means limiting use of space, electricity, heating and cooling, water, lighting, and transport.

While making changes to lessen their impact, the business has faced challenges. It’s grown rapidly. And it’s had to figure out how to work under COVID-19 restrictions. But the leadership team knows that the best solutions come from involving everyone. They’ve encouraged staff to take an active part in any changes.

Regular surveys let staff give their ideas on a wide range of issues. They get to choose changes that are good for them as well as good for the business. For example, they’ve helped decide what flexible working looks like. And they’ve helped redesign the office layout so it’s more efficient. Now, staff are excited about change, and they want to see more.

Mirjam Oord, Director of People and Capability

Mirjam Oord, Director of People and Capability

“Staff feel empowered when they’re consulted,” says Mirjam Oord, Director of People and Capability. “Now they’re saying, ‘I’m proud of it’ and ‘It’s the right thing to do’. They’re expecting more, and we’re prepared to deliver on that.”