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New recycling bins and less printing slashes waste to landfill.

Quick win is a good motivator

solarZero supplies solar as a service. That means customers pay for solar electricity, but not for solar panels, batteries, or installation. This unique approach makes solarZero New Zealand’s only all-in-one solar power company.

When solarZero redesigned their Auckland office, staff gave their ideas. High on the list was better waste management. So the team installed a set of clearly marked bins for waste and recycling. They removed all smaller bins to encourage use of the new system.

solarZero also tries to reduce waste at source. By avoiding printing, they’re a mostly paperless office. Any marketing materials they do produce use recycled paper and vegetable inks.

Across the business, including premises in Nelson and Christchurch, they’ve reduced waste to landfill by 17% a year.

Mirjam Oord, Director of People and Capability

Mirjam Oord, Director of People and Capability

“The Covid-19 lockdown in early 2020 helped us re-evaluate all areas of our business,” says Mirjam Oord, Director of People and Capability. “Making some simple changes to waste and recycling was a quick win. It’s driven us to look for other ways to better use our resources.”