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The Clean Crew

The Clean Crew

Cleaning company switches to safer products because it’s the right thing to do.

Strong beliefs make tough choices easy

The Clean Crew is a cleaning company based in Hawke’s Bay. Sustainability is core to how they operate.

When choosing suppliers, the team look for companies with similar values. They choose brands that care about the environment, such as Bio-Zyme, Ecostore, Waste Management and Ecotricity. Suppliers that don’t make the cut are removed from their list.

The Clean Crew have also switched to low-impact cleaning products. They feel good knowing they’re using less-harmful chemicals and doing their best for the planet.

The changes haven’t saved the business money, but they’ve brought other benefits. The whole team feels excited. They’re reducing their carbon footprint and doing the right thing. And clients are happy too. They like using a company that’s clean in every way.

Danielle Donovan, Sales and Marketing Manager

Danielle Donovan, Sales and Marketing Manager

“Sometimes we need to make tough decisions that don’t result in cost savings,” says Danielle Donovan, Sales and Marketing Manager. “For us, these decisions were easy, as our commitment to the planet is strong.”