Working together to better support businesses

In 2019, focused on tailoring guidance to meet diverse business needs, worked with more partners and reached more businesses than ever before.

Here’s a wrap-up of the year, including the new resources we launched.

Tailored support for your business

From a CrossFit gym in Wairoa to a gourmet mushroom farm in Levin, New Zealand’s half a million businesses are all different, with different goals and challenges.

Everything we create at starts and ends with these diverse needs. We heard from and met thousands of businesses in 2019. You shared your experiences and gave us feedback about ways we could help.

This year, we worked to better tailor guidance to the various needs of businesses New Zealand. We also worked with hundreds of partners from across government and the private sector to develop new tools and resources. We’ve included a round-up of all our new resources below.

In 2020, we'll be working with more partners, doing more testing, and improving our resources to better help you make your business a success.

From the team at and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment we would like to say a huge thank you to the ten thousand business owners who provided feedback on our website, participated in our surveys, and helped shape our new resources. We know you are busy. We value every comment and rating.

We’d also like to thank our hundreds of partners across the public and private sectors, industries and regions. We were overwhelmed with your support and your willingness to work together to better support small businesses and communities across New Zealand.

Finally, and most importantly, thank you to all the small businesses across New Zealand. Your work is the foundation of our towns, communities, jobs and wellbeing.

We hope you have a great summer and end of year. See you in 2020!

Ngā mihi,

Matt Kennedy-Good and the team at

New resources for your business

The Kiwi Business Boost

You asked us to tailor information for your business’s region, goals, age and stage. In response to this, we developed a new platform that will understand these unique needs, and tailor information, advice and events to them. Two thousand businesses have received guidance from this platform in its first few weeks.

Kiwi Business Boost(external link)

The Kiwi Business Boost platform supported a new pilot programme in Hawke’s Bay in November. The programme included 50 free business events, workshops and expert sessions, run with the help of 60+ partners. We had over 600 one-on-one conversations throughout this programme.

We will roll out this programme to more regions in 2020, improving and adding to it as we go, based on your feedback.

Mental health resources

This new guidance offers tips and support to keep you and your staff feeling well.

Mental health in the workplace

Mental health for you and your staff

Family violence policy

This new policy, available on the Workplace Policy Builder, sets out how you will support staff who are affected by family violence.

Family violence policy(external link)

Tips for sustainability

This new guidance will help you consider your business’s impact on the environment and make changes to become more sustainable. Lots more will follow in 2020.

How to be environmentally sustainable

Focus on business performance

Directors and governance

Governance is about the time you dedicate to working on your business, rather than working in it. This new section will help you put good governance practices in place to help you grow, stay ahead of risks, increase compliance, and improve trust and reputation.

Directors and governance

Funding explorer tool

This new tool will help you discover and understand your finance options with results tailored to your business. It’s the first in a series of tools to help Kiwi businesses get the money they need to succeed.

Funding Explorer(external link)

Operations strategy

This section offers tools and resources to improve your operations strategy to help your business run more smoothly, get a competitive advantage, and be more sustainable in the long term.

Operations strategy

Strengthening your online presence

These three new tools will help assess and improve your business’s website, digital marketing and online performance.

Strengthening your online presence

Strategic finance

New information and resources to help you be more deliberate in your business’s approach to spending, saving, borrowing, and raising money from investors.

Strategic finance overview

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