Building products: Changes to information requirements

New regulations for building product information requirements start from 11 December, 2023.

What is changing

There will be new regulations about building product information, so that people who use the products will be able to see how they contribute to Building Code compliance.

If you are based in Aotearoa New Zealand and are a manufacturer, importer, wholesaler, retailer, or distributor of building products you will have to follow the new regulations.

They have been introduced to:

  • improve the quality and consistency of building product information
  • help people choose and install the right products for their needs
  • enable more efficient consenting.

When the changes happen

The changes happen from 11 December, 2023.

The new regulations were announced in June 2022 to give you 18 months to get ready for them.

Watch: Building Product Information Requirements

Video Transcript: Building Product Information Requirements

[Visual: Resident builder Peter Wolfkamp stands in a builder’s workshop and explains the new building product information requirements.]

[Visual: Text on screen: “New Building Product Information Requirements commence December 11”. Logos: “Building Performance”.]

From the 11th of December 2023, information about how building products contribute to Building Code compliance, and how they should be installed and used, must be published and easily accessible online.

This gives designers, builders, and homeowners what they need to make informed decisions about which products to use, how to use them, and what to do if something goes wrong.

If you manufacture, import, distribute or sell building products in Aotearoa New Zealand — you need to make sure you comply with the building product information requirements.

[Visual: Text on screen: link). Logos: “Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment” and “New Zealand Government”.]

[Video ends.]

What you need to do

New Zealand-based manufacturers and importers

  • You must provide a minimum level of information about certain building products you supply to the New Zealand market, including how the product will perform.
  • You will be required to provide the information free if it is online.
  • You may need to put more effort into collating, producing and disclosing your product information than you previously did.
  • You will have to make some decisions about how you will meet the new requirements.

New Zealand-based wholesalers, distributors, and retailers

  • You will need to check that certain building products you supply include product information.
  • You will be required to have the building product information available to customers when certain building products are for sale.
  • You are not expected to constantly review the information disclosed by a manufacturer or importer. We recommend that you communicate with product manufacturers about any changes that impact the information you have available about the building product.

Tradespeople, designers and consumers

You do not have any new responsibilities under the new regulations.

It is important that you understand the principles and benefits that you can expect to see from improved and more consistent building product information.

Tools and resources to help you

To learn more about the new regulations visit the Building Performance website, which has resources and tools such as a checklist and step-by-step guide, to help you understand your obligations and how to comply.

Building product information requirements(external link) Building Performance

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