Data privacy and security

Data privacy is all about protecting your business’ and your customers’ information, so it can’t be accessed by those who have no right to it, or people who pose a threat, like hackers.

You need to have data security measures in place to comply with the law, but other benefits include:

  • your business is protected against data breach attacks,
  • and makes it a harder for hackers or cyber criminals to target you.

Privacy policies

One easy way to make sure you’re meeting your legal obligations is to implement a privacy policy.

Watch this short video to find out more about what a privacy policy is and how to put your own in place.

Privacy Policies(external link) — Digital Boost

All businesses must protect data they store about their customers – even small ones like yours. A privacy policy helps:

  • you and your team understand how data security fits into your day-to-day life.
  • your customers know how you’ll look after the data they share with you.

Read more about the Privacy Act and why privacy is important

How to protect your data

Watch this video to find out how you can easily protect your data and meet your legal obligations.

Data & Privacy(external link) — Digital Boost

Between October and December 2021 data hacks cost Kiwi businesses $6.6 million. CERT NZ (Computer Emergency Recovery Team NZ) responded to 3,977 data breaches. Many of these affected small businesses like yours.

Cyber security company Symantec says 50% of small Kiwi businesses will experience a cyber-attack or an attempted attack as hackers look for vulnerable sites where data privacy is not effectively protected, and these are usually small businesses.

Check privacy

Check the privacy settings on your social media accounts regularly. If you don’t, you may be sharing more than just your name with people you don’t know.

How to reduce the risks of a cyber-attack:

  • password protection with more complex number and letter combinations
  • change your passwords regularly
  • train your employees to identify and minimise cyber risks and implement safety tools
  • implement two factor authentication.

How to create a good password(external link) — CERTNZ

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