Discover best practice with expert standards

Discover best practice with expert standards

Find collections of standards to help you build an efficient and safe environment for your business and customers.

Follow expert advice

Have you got standards? New collections of standards can help you build an efficient and safe environment for your staff and your customers.

Imagine having a global team of 40 subject matter experts giving you their decades worth of advice on how best to run aspects of your business – that’s what standards offer through trusted international guidance and good practice.

Collections of standards are available from Standards New Zealand on a range of topics relevant to your business.

Standards help no matter what size your business is.

Standards help no matter what size your business is.

Whether you are a small family-run cafe in rural New Zealand, or a franchisee based in a city, environmental management, quality management, health and safety and IT management are areas where doing things the right way can bring added value, competitive edge and efficiency to your business.

How to access standards

Our online library collections are a quick and efficient way to access core standards for your business.

Our subscription collections combine commonly referenced documents across select industries into one convenient package.

Online library collections are automatically updated in your account, so you’ll always have access to the latest version 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

What standards are available

There are 12 curated collections available or build your own online library collection to suit. Here are some that are commonly used.

Information technology (IT) security

If you have data or digital assets – such as financial information, intellectual property, employee or customer data and information entrusted by third parties – this collection can help you protect them. The standards are behind the technology that helps customers shop with you confidently.

With these standards, you can stay across of the rapid advances in technology and the ever-changing digital world.

Workplace health and safety

Managing hazards, protecting worker safety, creating a safe environment and meeting compliance and obligations needs best practice guidance.

These standards will help you with responsible management and governance with risk assessments, business continuity planning, preparing for disruption and protecting business owners, staff and customers so everyone can go home safely at the end of the day.

Quality management

Support your business practice with robust systems underpinned by quality management standards.

This includes looking after your customers information and protecting your business systems.

Having robust plans in place and process mapping means you can adapt quickly in times of change and uncertainty, protect supply chains, build on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

With quality management systems in place, you can even gain certification against ISO 9001 series.

Environmental management

You could gain competitor advantage by demonstrating good environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives and environmental reporting, so your customers, clients and partners know you are a responsible business doing the right thing for people, planet and profit.

Demonstrate this good practice with certification against ISO 14001.

More information

Find solutions for a range of needs with subscriptions to popular collections.

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