600,000 employment agreements: Lots of happy businesses

The free Employment Agreement Builder(external link) has been used to create more than 600,000 agreements since its launch three years ago.

The team at business.govt.nz has recently celebrated three years since the launch of their Employment Agreement Builder.

This free tool has been used to create more than 600,000 agreements, saving small businesses time, money and making it easy to comply with the law.

Matt Kennedy-Good, Manager business.govt.nz says: “Part of MBIE’s role is to support businesses to grow, and tools like the Employment Agreement Builder make this easier.

“Employment agreements form the basis of a good employment relationship and are required by law. A well written agreement helps the employee and employer to know what is expected from them and what they’re entitled to. It provides guidance on what to do in various situations, helps avoid misunderstandings and resolve issues.

“Our free tool helps employers, especially small businesses, get this right, saving them time and money,” Matt says.

Dunedin pharmacy chain owner, Chin Nan Loh, says the tool has probably saved him huge hassles and thousands of dollars.

“It’s quick and easy to use and gives me the confidence that I’m protecting my staff and my business,” says Mr Loh, owner of Antidote pharmacies.

“The guides are designed well enough, that even for a mature business like us, it still gives a starting point to develop a more comprehensive agreement.

“It is a good ‘go-to’ for our managers that are keen to develop more managerial skills."

Employers tend to use one agreement at least five times on average and users give the tool 4.8 out of 5 stars, confirming it’s a popular product.

Check out the Employment Agreement Builder(external link).