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Employment rights and rules: Free online training

If you are an employer or a worker, it’s important to know your rights and responsibilities. Not only is this a great foundation for an employment relationship, it’s the law.

Get up to speed on these important rules with new online learning modules from Employment New Zealand.

Employment 101

Choosing the correct working arrangements for each of your workers is an important step. Being upfront about employee rights is the start of a healthy working relationship.

But if you get it wrong, it can hurt your business — not to mention your employees. Labour inspectors have increased powers to check if workers are getting the right pay, leave entitlements, and other legal requirements.

To help employers and employees know what they can and can’t do, Employment New Zealand has launched online courses covering employment basics and minimum rights and obligations.

There are six modules for employers, and six for employees. These cover the same topics — from working arrangements to employment agreements, annual holidays, leave, pay and wages to hours of work.

Employer modules(external link) — Employment New Zealand

Staff modules(external link) — Employment New Zealand

Try using these modules for employee inductions, or with anyone who wants to get up to speed on their minimum rights and responsibilities. The modules are particularly helpful for employees who are new to work or new to New Zealand.

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