Export your food products with confidence

If you’re considering exporting your food products, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) can help you navigate the journey.

When you start to think about exporting your food products, there are lots of steps to consider, from which export regulations you have to meet, to labelling. That’s where the Ministry for Primary Industries’ Exporter Regulatory Advice Service (ERAS) can help.

One-to-one export advice

ERAS provides one-on-one advice to food and other primary producers thinking about exporting. They can:

  • highlight the regulations you’ll need to follow, including the domestic requirements you need to meet before you export
  • explain any regulations that are hard to understand
  • give context about the exporting environment
  • connect you to the right people and expertise.

Check NZ requirements for your products:

New Zealand standards for export (external link)– MPI 

Ask for advice early

To get the most out of their help, it’s best to ask ERAS for advice as early as possible in your journey towards being an exporter of primary products. However, they can’t provide all the answers for you.

Before you approach ERAS, you will need to have contacted a reliable importer or importing agent in the country you are thinking of exporting to. That person needs to have a good understanding of the importing rules in their country.

ERAS will be able to work through your export plan with you to confirm that you are on the right track and spot any gaps. This will help you feel confident in your export plan, including how you will meet domestic regulations before you export.

ERAS will be quick to respond to your queries. And they’ll do it with a smile, as they want to make the exporting process easier for you.

Contact ERAS by phone or email:

Contact the Exporter Regulatory Advice Service(external link)– MPI

Getting guidance and advice from ERAS

Getting guidance and advice from ERAS could save you time, because they can connect you with the right people and expertise early.

Case study

New Zealand company Bon Accord Ltd supplies food products to the hospitality industry. They turned to ERAS when they were looking to export.

Most of their products are dairy-based so they need to follow complex domestic and international requirements.

ERAS provided an expert with knowledge of dairy export market. The advice over four years helped Bon Accord understand the dairy export regulations and allowed them to expand to a range of markets.

“Our company, Bon Accord Ltd is very grateful to MPI’s Exporter Regulatory Advice Service for all the assistance they have extended to us. Their timely response to our inquiries has helped us in pursuing significant export market opportunities and in making some wise business decisions.

“We are now a bona fide and proud New Zealand food exporter!”

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