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Exporting gets easier with online application

It’s now easier than ever for businesses to apply to join Customs’ Secure Exports Scheme, which helps exporters save time and money at the border.

Apply online to join the Secure Exports Scheme

If you are an exporter, you can save time and money at the border by applying to join Customs' Authorised Economic Operator Secure Exports Scheme.

The Secure Exports Scheme is designed to help make exporting easier for New Zealand exporters by reducing barriers, improving certainty in key export markets and speeding up cargo into and out of New Zealand. Ultimately, it saves businesses time and money.

The online application makes it quicker and easier to apply to the secure exports scheme.

There is no joining fee.

Steve Urquhart, product and market development manager at sustainable mineral exporter Geo40, says he found the registration form straightforward to work through.

“I was familiar with new vendor application forms for our growing number of overseas clients, which can be extensive in some cases, so knew it may be similar. The form gives you warnings about how much time it will take, and how you were progressing through the steps, which I liked. It was good that it was online rather than an exhausting 10-page Excel spreadsheet. It required 37 minutes to complete,” he said.

Secure Exports Scheme(external link) — New Zealand Customs Service

Benefits for your export business

Being registered as part of the Secure Exports Scheme means exporting will become easier for you.

  • You’ll have fewer compliance checks in New Zealand and a wide range of territories. This provides you with greater certainty at international border especially in times of trade disruption.
  • You’ll benefit from reduced inspection times and lower transit and import costs.
  • The scheme’s partners have 50% reduced export transaction fees on all their exports.
  • The scheme provides international recognition that your exports have come through a trusted and secure supply chain.
  • Customs can help you interpret trade agreements, non-tariff barriers and assist with clearance issues at destinations.

Steve said he sees the benefits of being part of the scheme, even for a mature start-up, such as Geo40. 

“As a global exporter in the past we’ve been asked for various offshore certifications, and we've investigated whether we need them or not. Any government alliance is very helpful in certain markets around the world and in this case being part of the Secure Exports Scheme is valuable to our organisation.”

Supply chain requirements

You need to follow some supply chain requirements once you are part of the Secure Exports Scheme.

  • You must make sure your export goods are packed, stored and transported in a way that meets global customs standards. This protects against tampering, sabotage, smuggling or other crimes.
  • A Customs-approved seal is placed on your shipments to show that they meet international standards and can be considered secure.
  • The scheme covers both air and sea freight supply chains.

More information

Find out more about the Secure Exports Scheme on the Customs website.

Secure Exports Scheme(external link)  — New Zealand Customs Service

Benefits of becoming a partner(external link) — New Zealand Customs Service

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