Free recruiting tool brings world’s workers to NZ

If you’re a small business unable to find the skills you need in New Zealand, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has a free online tool that connects you with a world of jobseekers who have expressed an interest in living and working here.

Employers and recruiters can use the SkillFinder(external link) tool to access a database of about 600,000 people.

“Over the last four years we’ve built up the database with a focus on people with skills in short supply,” says INZ’s National Manager - Marketing, Greg Forsythe. “With about 20,000 new names joining the database every month, it’s a huge asset for New Zealand businesses.”

People all around the world register their details with INZ, including their skills, qualifications and where they currently live.

Employers and recruiters can connect with these jobseekers via an email sent by INZ that tells them about the suitable job vacancy. They complete a form outlining the position they want to fill, qualifications and experience needed, and regions they would like to recruit from.

Vacancies must be for skilled positions or meet Accredited Employer requirements.

INZ reviews each job posting before emailing it on behalf of your company to all people in your final search. “You’re likely to receive most of the inquiries from interested applicants within 12 to 24 hours of the email being sent,” says Forsythe.

Get started with SkillFinder(external link) —

Simple tool, big benefits

“It’s very easy to use,” says Prudence Thomson, owner and founder of Accent Health Recruitment, which has hired health professionals from overseas for more than 20 years.

Search results appear instantly, giving you the number of people in each region who match your search. From there, it’s a simple matter of refining the search until you’re happy with the results.

“One of the best things about SkillFinder is the preferred offshore market option,” she says. This helps you narrow searches to regions that recognise the same qualifications as New Zealand. Regions range from single countries, eg important job markets like the UK, to continents, eg Asia and Africa.

“SkillFinder has worked really well for our business — not only connecting with people who want to come to New Zealand immediately, but also long-term prospects,” she says.

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