Get free on-job training for your team

Training staff while they work helps you upskill and retain employees, and grow your business — at little or no extra cost.

If you’re in the services sector — tourism, hospitality, retail, aviation, travel and museums — on-job training programmes from industry training organisation (ITO) ServiceIQ can be free.

Find the right programme

ServiceIQ has training programmes, apprenticeships and quick online courses for people at every level of a business, from new entrant to supervisor and manager.

"Employers can take on trained people but should think about how much more they’re paying for that extra experience", says ServiceIQ chief executive Dean Minchington.

In-job training helps improve:

  • practical skills
  • productivity 
  • staff motivation
  • staff retention 
  • succession planning
  • business credibility.

It also gives small businesses flexibility to fit training around their business needs, eg by training people one at a time or in groups.

“Our training advisors are concerned with business success as well as staff upskilling so they understand business needs and how training can help,” says Dean.

To find programmes that best suit your business, contact ServiceIQ to arrange for an advisor to visit you.

Arrange training(external link) — Service IQ

On-job training lets staff learn while they earn.

On-job training lets staff learn while they earn.

This helps businesses attract high-quality new staff and retain good people.

Training costs

As the ITO for the services industry, ServiceIQ gets state funding for training businesses in its sectors, which brings down costs for its programmes.

You don’t pay course fees or for time off work with on-job training. And if you opt for an in-house assessor — rather than one from ServiceIQ — you can waive the small monthly assessment fee, making the training free.

“Not taking advantage of training staff on-the-job is essentially like turning down a tax refund,” says Dean.

Benefits for businesses(external link) — ServiceIQ

You may also be able to get extra funding from Work and Income to help with the costs of training a new employee.

Flexi-Wage Plus subsidy(external link) — Work and Income

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