Go online to manage your GST

If you’re GST registered, managing your returns just got a whole lot easier — you can now file online using your MyIR login. 

Inland Revenue has made several changes to the MyGST section of its MyIR website. You can now:

  • pay your GST at the same time you file your return, without having to log out of your MyIR account to make the payment 
  • arrange GST instalment plans online — and in most cases get confirmation and approval straight away 
  • add file attachments online — you no longer need to send them by post 
  • choose to get email and/or text message reminders when your GST return and payment is due or late, to avoid penalties.


Inland Revenue will now pay GST refunds directly into your bank account. Make sure you give Inland Revenue the right bank account number when completing GST returns that will result in a refund.

Inland Revenue has information and videos about the improved GST process.

GST statements

Your statements will look a bit different to ones you’ve had before. The GST statement will include a summary of:

  • your filing period(s)
  • transactions for each period.


You can find all your GST correspondence — including messages to and from Inland Revenue — in the new My GST section.

You can also now upload files that relate to your return, meaning you no longer have to post them.

Registering for an IRD number

If you’re a new business or you have staff who’ve just come to New Zealand, you can now digitally register for an IRD number.

Businesses can also use their New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) when they or their advisors contact us.

What's an NZBN?(external link) — New Zealand Business Number

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