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H&S risks: Identify yours with this new tool

A new interactive tool from WorkSafe is designed to help business owners and operators see health and safety (H&S) risks in different scenarios. The ‘Around the Block’ tool takes users on a spot-the-risk journey through businesses you’d typically find on a city or town block.

H&S risks: Identify yours with this new tool

The tool is a direct response to feedback from business owners who wanted to better understand health and safety in the context of their own business.

WorkSafe worked with small and medium-sized businesses to co-create the tool to make sure it’s relevant, accurate and resonates with those in different industries.

The tool features 13 businesses, including a cafe, hair salon, medical centre and petrol station. WorkSafe will add more businesses and risk hotspots so the tool is as useful as possible to a wide range of businesses.

Safety Steve — who featured in WorkSafe’s ‘icebreaker’ videos — helps users identify various risks and gives examples for how they could be managed. Clickable risk hotspots link to relevant H&S information and resources on the WorkSafe website. It’s also a great tool to get workers involved in understanding H&S risk management.

Around The Block (external link) — WorkSafe

WorkSafe Toolshed (external link) — WorkSafe

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