New tools answer shop trading, parental leave questions

If you’re a business owner, should you open on Good Friday and Easter Sunday? Can you or your employee claim parental leave? New tools can help you find out. 

Although almost all shops must close on Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, Good Friday and half of Anzac Day, some are allowed to open. The question is: which ones?

If you’re wondering if the restrictions apply to you, Employment New Zealand’s new Restricted Shop Trading Tool asks you a handful of questions to help you find out.

If you want to trade on one of those days, the tool can tell you if you can and what you have to do, eg letting staff know in good time they don’t have to work on Easter Sunday.

It pays to check where you stand — if you open on restricted trading days when you’re not allowed to, you could be fined $1,000.

Things that affect whether you can open include:

  • your local council’s trading policy
  • what type of shop you have. 

Restricted shop trading tool(external link) — Employment New Zealand

Parental leave

Becoming a parent is stressful enough without wondering how you’ll cope financially. Help your employees find out if they can get parental leave and payments which could give them a much-needed boost.

Employment New Zealand’s new parental leave tool helps workers find out if they can claim parental leave or parental leave payments.

It asks questions such as how long your employee has been working and how many hours they have worked, then calculates entitlements for them and their partners.

Tell your staff about the tool – it could really help them out.

Parental leave tool(external link) — Employment New Zealand

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