Putting money aside for ACC

The new year is a good time to take a fresh look at your cash-flow, including how you will pay your ACC levies. You’ll receive your ACC invoice in the post after you file your earnings for the year with Inland Revenue. 

ACC levies are set every year and vary depending on your line of work and whether you’re an employer, shareholder-employee or are self-employed. You can estimate how much your invoice will be this year by using the ACC levy calculators(external link).

Flexible payment options

ACC has a number of flexible payment options that can make life easier for small and medium businesses. You can pay in one go or by installments. Check out the payment options on the ACC website(external link)

If you think you might have trouble paying, it’s important that you contact the ACC Business Service Centre(external link). They’ll help you through your options.

Find out more about reducing your levies(external link).

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