Quick questions to help choose a H&S advisor

If your business needs a little extra help with health and safety (H&S), hiring a specialist advisor can make a difference, particularly if the risks you need to manage are detailed and technical.

Choose the right person for the job

The Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ) has put together a checklist of five questions to ask potential advisors:

  1. Which professional association do you belong to?
  2. What qualifications and/or certification do you have?
    • Ask to see a current practising certificate from the relevant association, or similar proof of competence.
  3. What relevant skills and experience do you have for this job?
    • If your business deals with hazardous substances, for example, you’ll need an advisor skilled in this area.
  4. Can you give me examples of similar work you have done recently?
  5. May I contact your clients to ask about your work for them?

HASANZ is the national umbrella organisation of workplace health and safety professions. Its member associations include the NZ Institute of Hazardous Substances Management, the NZ Institute of Safety Management, and Occupational Therapy New Zealand -  Whakaora Ngangahau Aotearoa. HASANZ’s website has a full list of member associations and it describes how they help businesses.

The easiest way to find a qualified health and safety advisor with proven experience is to search the HASANZ Register. It’s free to use.

Find a qualified health and safety advisor with proven experience:

Find a qualified health and safety advisor with proven experience:

Search the HASANZ Register(external link). It's free to use.

The HASANZ Register is a one-stop shop for reliable, quality health and safety advice and services. Businesses can find professional help on everything from managing noise and workplace stress to doing health and safety audits. All of the advisors on the HASANZ Register have met high competency standards. Look for the HASANZ Registered quality mark – it’s like a warrant of fitness to practise as a workplace health and safety professional in New Zealand.

HASANZ(external link)

HASANZ Register (external link)

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