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How recovery at work benefits your business

People are key to business success, so when an injury happens, it can have a big impact.

New ACC resources explain the benefits of recovery at work for an injured person, your team, and your business.

Teamwork helps an injured employee recover

When an employee is injured, it can have a significant impact — not only for the injured person, but their workmates, team morale and a business' productivity.

In many cases and with some temporary adjustments, people can safely recover from injury while working.

But it takes a team — the injured person, their health provider, their employer and ACC.

Recovering at work following an injury helps people get better sooner compared to staying at home, and has further benefits for them and for businesses.

Changing your employee’s hours or duties

If your injured employee has a 'fit for selected work' medical certificate from their health provider and is ready to return to work, you could discuss changing their hours, for example starting with a few hours a day or week, and building up as they continue to recover.

You could also discuss what suitable duties might be available based on their injury. This might include modifying their work environment or usual tasks or upskilling through training opportunities.

For an injured person, alternative duties or modified hours are good for:

  • physical and mental wellbeing
  • providing structure and routine
  • boosting social connection
  • providing a sense of purpose.

All these things make a positive difference to recovery.

Staying connected speeds up recovery

Many injured employees are keen to continue working.

Supporting them to stay connected to the workplace means they're more likely to return to their usual work.

For you as their employer, it can mean:

  • hanging on to your employee’s skills and expertise
  • saving on recruiting and training new staff
  • helping to build a positive work environment
  • showing a commitment to employee wellbeing.

Most ACC clients who had a positive recovery at work experience say it helped them return to normality, increase their strength and mobility, and boost their mental and psychological health.

ACC compensation continues

You can pay for an injured employee's productive hours, with ACC's weekly compensation topping up the rest of their income.

It means your employee could earn up to 100% of their pre-injury income rather than 80% on weekly compensation alone.

ACC has developed new resources and videos for employers about recovery at work and can provide guidance and support for you to embed recovery at work into your business.

Teamwork makes recovery work — employers play a key role in the recovery process, and it starts with just a few simple steps.

Learn how on the ACC website.

Supporting your injured employee to recover at work(external link) — ACC

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