Requiring My Vaccine Passes for entry

Businesses can choose whether to require customers to have My Vaccine Passes as a condition of entry.  For some businesses, this decision will affect the rules they must operate under.

COVID-19 Protection Framework guidance

Checking My Vaccine Passes

Businesses operating under My Vaccine Pass rules must check customers' passes. We recommend at or near the point of entry, or as soon as possible after entry (for example, if there is only one staff member, this might be at the counter).

  • Businesses who choose to require the My Vaccine Pass must sight Passes, and can also use a verifier app to scan the QR code that is embedded into a customer’s My Vaccine Pass. It lets you know if the pass is valid or not.
  • Some businesses are prohibited from asking for My Vaccine Passes. These include supermarkets, pharmacies, all health and disability services, social services, food banks, petrol stations and public transport (excluding air-travel).
  • It is up to customers to present only their own My Vaccine Pass. Businesses are not required to check ID, but they may request it.

NZ Pass Verifier app

  • The free NZ Pass Verifier app is available now from the Apple and Google Play app stores for downloading to scan and verify digital or printed My Vaccine Passes.
  • The Verifier app can be downloaded onto a smart phone or tablet.
  • Further information on how to download and use the NZ Pass Verifier app is on the Ministry of Health website. This includes information on downloading, use of and technical support for the NZ Pass Verifier.

NZ Pass Verifier(external link) — Ministry of Health

Building third party Verifier Apps

If a business has specific requirements not supported by the NZ Pass Verifier, for example integrating the QR code scanner into existing smartphone apps or ticketing operations, technical information including the formal specification for the QR code and additional resources, is available from the Ministry of Health.

The formal specification for the QR code(external link) — Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health Github page(external link) — Ministry of Health

Customer compliance

Businesses must display posters or signage indicating to customers that entry is contingent on having a My Vaccine Pass. These can be downloaded from the COVID-19 website.

Posters for businesses and organisations(external link) — COVID-19

Customers must show a My Vaccine Pass before they can enter business premises that require them, this includes showing it for verification if asked.

It is recommended businesses provide staff with wording for customers who do not wish to comply with requirements, so staff are best able to de-escalate a situation. Make it clear when workers should walk away or decide not to continue to engage with a person. Consideration should also be given to what kind of behaviour might mean calling the Police.

Compliance for businesses

There will be a graduated compliance model in place to support businesses as they implement these new requirements, with an emphasis on education first. As with any workplace requirement it is a high trust model. However, based on experience with the alert level framework, businesses can expect strong feedback from their customers and competitors if they do not follow the rules.

Further guidance and information is being developed and will be available soon.

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