Take your cyber security to the next level

Cyber Smart Week is back and will be held between 10-16 October this year.

Cyber Smart Week is CERT NZ’s annual campaign aimed at raising awareness of cyber security across Aotearoa.

Get Cyber Smart(external link) — CERT NZ

CERT NZ director Rob Pope says most New Zealanders are doing something to keep themselves secure online. “This may be as simple as not clicking links in suspicious emails or sharing personal information with strangers online.”

However, other important steps, like turning on two-factor authentication or setting social accounts to friends-only, are not being taken as often.

CERT NZ has undertaken research to see how to get Kiwis to change the way they behave when it comes to cyber security.  The research shows that to get people to change their behaviour, there needs to be:

  • Capability (know how) – giving New Zealanders the tools and information to take cyber security steps that may seem technical.
  • Opportunity (can do) – prompting people when they are open to making changes.
  • Motivation (want to) – making cyber security actions a priority for New Zealanders. 

With a theme of going to the “next level”, Cyber Smart Week raises the importance of cyber security by making it a week of action. 

“We all want Aotearoa to be a cyber safe nation, and we know that starts with people. Cyber Smart Week is our key tool in getting out to the whole country and making it more secure,” says Rob Pope.

Sign up as a Cyber Smart Week partner and find out how to make yourself more secure online:

Cyber Smart Week partner sign up(external link)— CERTNZ

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