Our top five news stories of 2019

It was a record-breaking year for business.govt.nz, with over 235,000 subscribers receiving our newsletter every month. Here are the top five articles of 2019.

1.  Paying lump sum bonuses: How to deduct the right tax

Paying team members a bonus can be a good way to reward outstanding performance and motivate your team. Here’s a practical guide to help you get the tax right on any lump sum bonuses you make to staff.

2.  Employment: Getting holiday pay right

Figuring out the right amount of holiday for your employees and paying them for it correctly can be tricky. We worked with Employment New Zealand to pull together some useful tips to ensure you’ve got it right.

3.  Food safety: New tools for food rules

New Zealand Food Safety is making it easier, faster and more affordable to meet your food business requirements.

4.  What to do when Inland Revenue calls

When Inland Revenue says your business is to be audited, the most important things to remember are: be prepared and don’t panic. You may even come out of it with a tax refund.

5.  Minimising and managing workplace stress

Stress at work is normal but needs to be identified, minimised and managed. Read on for tips to keep you and your employees healthy and well.

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